The Felt project is devoted to bringing back into focus personal and lifestyle attributes to live a full life. We cover ideas centered around, Fulfilment in professional and personal life; Empowerment of communities, families, and individuals; Mastering the art of living and building capacity for personal transformation. (FELT)

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In a world of quick fixes and surface lifestyles, The Felt Project is an online collective of trustworthy writings from coaches, academics, self-experimenters, and researchers. Articles and interviews that will assist you as you strive to understand yourself and those around you in work, life, and societal systems.  We deeply indulge and uncover time-tested ideas and philosophies while taking a critical look to inward, asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful, inspiring, and refined ways of achieving human potential and self-improvement.

An unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

Welcome as we dive deep, into lifestyle attributes for a bigger, better and more inspired way of life.

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