The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu

Here we are Friends, the beginning of a beautiful journey. Its been a long time coming for me to actually take the first steps to start this and just like everything new and foreign, an uncertain feeling would always brew in my head.

Did i make the right decision? What should I name this blog? Do I really want to do this? what exactly will I write? Will it be of any value to anyone out there and the question of all questions… Am I crazy?

It normal to have self doubt when you begin to embark on something new and foreign to you. Out of all those questions the one I know the answer to is Yes i really want to do this! what is “this” some of you may question. Well it is me sharing my experiences to the  with you!

5 years ago in 2011, something drastically changed the course of my life. I never thought I would recover or remain the same.  I was stuck, lamenting on the past and busy planning for an unknown Future. I was barely present, it felt like I was coasting through the motions of life. Little did I know that was the beginning of a journey into coming into my own. Nothing remained the same, everything was changing so fast in front of my eyes. Although then I couldn’t see it,That change I was so afraid of,is what propelled me to who I am today.

Sometimes when you have outgrown the situations in your life, and you are not aware, or do not have the courage to move on ~ life will move on you. -Les Brown

So coming up with this blog is something that has been brewing in my mind for the past 5years!Why did it take 5 whole years? You would think  its a building I am trying to build with my content :D. I was chasing perfection, the perfect time, the perfect moment, perfect design, perfect words….Well, I can tell you behind all that, I simply didn’t have the courage to be open with you and myself for that matter. I was so focused on doubting myself and the value I will bring that I would always find myself saying, I don’t have the time or just try and erase the idea all together.

Heres the thing about great ideas, they will linger in your mind for as long as you live. And lets face the fact, we aren’t getting out of life alive are we? so why spend our days filled with regret and saying, ‘ I wish i did what i wanted to do’ and regret is a feeling that weighs tonnes. Anytime I would see someone start their blog, I would shoot myself(hypothetically) for not having the courage to do so myself. If there is one thing I became aware of, is that most of us don’t procrastinate just to procrastinate.Most of the time, we are just gripped by the fear of not doing as well as we think we should, of failing and not getting acceptance as opposed to feeding the excitement of the idea in mind.

Makes you question how many times you have “paused” amazing things in your life just because you thought the time is not right. Well, I have decided its time. See what I have realized is that I made a huge mistake, waiting for the feeling to take over me, when in essence I should act myself into the feeling of readiness. Preparation precedes mastery.Time will always pass by, that is something we cannot control and when we decide its time to begin, is when it is time to begin. This just doesn’t apply to me starting this blog, it applies in all areas of life.

There’s an awesome book one of my mentors told me to read (I actually owe it to that book to getting me to this point of beginning the blogging journey) The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and in his book he stresses that success in anything just does not happen overnight. For one to succeed, in anything, one must start. How ever small it is.

The message I am bringing out today is, don’t wait for the perfect moment, because the reality of things you decide when the perfect moment is for you.Imagin  letting  years pass you by as you watch people do the things you had in mind, while you wait for the moment to come to you. If theres anything I have learnt in the past 2 years that has completely changed the way I do things is this little quote I heard ” YOU DONT HAVE TO BE GREAT TO START, YOU JUST HAVE TO START TO BE GREAT”

I’m super excited to Start this journey with all of you! Nooo the fear and wanting it to be perfect has not left me but I have decided to ACT anyway and learn as I go. Lets go out today and begin the things we keep procrastinating to start, the gym, healthy eating, a business, an opportunity, a friendship, you know…Seize the day “Carpe Diem” 🙂 Here we go…

Love and Respect,

Diana Ngao.


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