It has been a while. I just went cold turkey on blogging after starting out so strong. I have no excuse why, but I let life get in the way of my commitment to share value with you. I’m sure there are many people who relate to this; you start something you have been excited about but somehow life, be it work, relationships, hardships take over and you put the one thing that you are excited about aside as you hope for things to blow over? Well let’s be honest, life happens to everyone, even to the people who seem all put together. The only difference is that they stay committed to their commitment.

When we feel need up getting back on track, there all sorts of feelings and questions that go through your mind. Like for me, I kept asking myself, maybe by me taking a break was a sign that I am not cut out for it. Do I really want to do this? Do I have the time for it again? But the real question was, did I really stick it out to know if I am not cut out for it?  Will I finish what I started or just because I lost focus, I will just let it go completely? I started even doubting myself and the content I wanted to share, not feeling that it would be of value.

See what I learned in the past year, is just when you set your mind to something, there’s a new devil to tackle. You know the saying, For every new level there’s a new devil. So how could I not anticipate resistance to my new found passion? Of course, there would be resistance, more so internally (self-doubt and endless excuses) but that didn’t mean that it should not be followed through. No matter how many times I would convince myself to forget about it, there was this urge that kept pushing me to do it.

So here I am, with a more refined mission and clear vision. Instead of worrying as to why I couldn’t stay committed the first time, I have just decided to focus and get back on track.  If anything, those months off, dealing with distractions, life’s curve balls, having to deal with my own mental limitations have bore fruit a bigger and more refined mission (The Felt Project) that I will be sharing as we go along this journey.

When you get to such a place, it may not be blogging but anything that you set out to do but now feel stuck and sort of demotivated to move on because of some resistance you are facing in life, these 3Rs have helped me on getting back on track.

  1. Reset: Take time and think about why you got started on it. Does it still hold meaning to you?
  2. Recharge:  the same wind of life blows on us all, but we must realize that no one or nothing can create negativity or stress within us but ourselves. By silencing the pressures of the world and focusing on you, you stopped feeling so drained by all that is happening around you. This is the most important part of the 3Rs. Just the way we have to keep our smartphones charged, the same applies to us.
    Take inventory of what you’ve done for YOU lately and what you have scheduled in. If you’ve put yourself on the back burner lately, it’s time to: schedule something for you (It can be a long drive, pamper yourself, quiet time, less social media, read a book, listen to some uplifting music, take yourself for lunch/dinner etc. Follow through with it, with zero distraction i.e your smartphone and notice how you feel during and after and inspire yourself to do more it daily.
  3. Recommit: In these moments of solitude and recharging, decide to recommit to a goal/desire that you want to achieve. Start with something small and build your way up to that big elephant idea/goal that you have been selling yourself not to do.


it’s okay to go off track, so don’t beat yourself up, just focus on getting back on track.






One thought on “Getting back on track

  1. I really love this Diana, great job! Particularly where you said ‘But the real question was, did I really stick it out to know if I am not cut out for it?’ That has hit home for me!
    Calibrated Blossom

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