In celebration of the international day of the Woman 2018

Dear woman,

Do you remember when you were little, how all the games you would enjoy were centered around being a woman?

How we as little girls would sit and observe our first heroes in life, our mothers and create games to mimic them.

How we, the little girl, would naturally want to take care of our younger sibling.

How as a little girl, all we wanted is to be seen as beautiful and heard clearly.

We searched for our space in this male-dominated society.

We fought through the confusion of adolescences, where our feelings were easily controlled by those around us and we wore out heart on our sleeves.

We competed with the boy child in education despite every month having to endure menstrual pains and sometimes embarrassment when they would paint our dress red.

Not to mention, becoming comfortable as your body transformed not only before your eyes but in front of everyone. The hips widened and our chest, as sore as it was, grew larger.

The stares from not only strangers but those we knew well, changed from being innocent to lustful.

Raising above the stereotypes of what girls cannot do and showing the world that there is magic within each of us.

It hasn’t been easy, the journey to womanhood. Through the years, those who came before us would only dream to have the freedoms we now enjoy as women.

Yet There days we wrap ourselves up and give in to the “weaker sex” mentality. Days when the pains of being a woman bore more weight than the magic of being a woman.

Womanhood, A magic so rare that even we women don’t easily harness its power.

You see, one thing the world cannot fathom is how much a woman can endure and still come out of it more beautiful than before. We can bend but never break.

To the woman who has been battered by the one, she gave her heart to. Her only mistake is trusting her heart to the wrong person who couldn’t understand her magic, probably threatened by it so decides to try and kill the spirit.

Woman, you are stronger than you think. You are the final product of Gods creation. Raise up and receive the glory of being a woman. Something even he can’t beat out of you. It is your essence that intimidates him.

To the woman juggling jobs to make ends meet for her family. Never getting the appreciation deserved. Just when you get a hold of one thing, something else needs your attention. You owe it to yourself to appreciate the strength in you. You may grow weary but giving up is never an option.

To the mother, trying to balance motherhood and her career. To the wife trying not to lose herself in the duties expected of her. To the young woman struggling to make something of her own, to feel loved and appreciated, to be her own kind of woman. to the woman who feels invisible to this world, or overwhelmed…

In case you forgot, the wonder you are, let me remind you.

You are a life giver, a creator, a comforter in times of distress.

You are filled with wisdom, and fierceness to protect that which is you love.

You are soft at the same time embodiment of strength

you are gentle yet powerful

the wonder you are a woman, you are simply magic.

It is said nothing can stop a woman determined to rise.

So rise, dear woman.

It is time to raise the standard of womanhood

To embrace the true essence of being a woman.

Acknowledging the struggles and outwitting the defeats.

Its time to shift focus from what we as a woman can do like men, to what we as a woman can achieve not in comparison to the man.

Because we can have it all, and since day one, you have had everything you need within you. Don’t let the world convince you otherwise.

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