The price of greatness is responsibility – Winston Churchill

The road to success is a lonely journey, but you never travel alone.

You don’t live and work in isolation.

Behind every successful person, there is a great person or team. When you Surround yourself with the right company, Other people can provide the inspiration, knowledge, perspective, wisdom, and feedback you need to keep you on track.

Having an accountability partner is an unfair advantage. Even though most people avoid it, accountability works. According to Pearson’s law – When performance is measured, it improves; when performance is measured and reported, it improves exponentially.

This just shows that if you have put in place indicators that show you that you are on track to hitting your goals, and if you have no one to keep you in check, then you will probably not make much progress.


Having an accountability partner is great, but having a success partner isa complete game changer.

A success partner is someone who is ready to push their own boundaries and take huge psychological leaps forward. If you are taking big risks and moving forward, you can join forces with someone who is continually upping their game and push each other further and further than you could ever go on your own.

I’m sure as you are reading this, some may be of the idea that accountability partners and success partners are one of the same. On the contrary, accountability partnerships are process oriented, meaning their aim is to keep you accountable to the process. Success partners, on the other hand, are progress oriented. The focus isn’t on you being perfect but how much tangible movement towards your goal.

Holding someone accountable can feel like a job. But success partners are all about excitement energy and movement. You help each other take immediate actions on what is most important. You also help each other get new insights and then to immediately act on those insights.

Another key distinction between accountability partners and success partners is that you cannot be a success partner if you are not actively and aggressively moving forward in your life.

The magic factor here for a success partnership to work is the synergy of ambition and aggressively making moves to achieve desired outcomes. If you are not on the same level, then it ends up feeling like a job having to always motivate and hold the other person accountable to their own goals.

It takes self-leadership when it comes to being a success partner because you have to be your own accountability partner first. An ideal success partner is one who is already motivated and achievement oriented. Collectively, such a partnership will push each other to new limits of courage and commitment.

Think about like having a gym partner. Your body goals may not be the same, but your commitment to transforming your fitness levels energize each of you to continue being consistent in working out.

Now imagine having a gym partner who only checks up on you to know if you went to the gym or A gym partner who doesn’t go to the gym or isn’t committed to transforming their fitness levels. Zero synergy and little motivation, if anything it becomes a drag.

Success partners synergies and collaborate and motivate each other. The relationship becomes a vehicle for transformation and growth.

You shouldn’t just have one, but instead, create a network of people who are constantly pushing you to up your game.achievement-agreement-arms-1068523

If you really want to increase your chances of achieving your 2019 goals, you need to start making bolder moves as well as see yourself as a giver and help others make bold moves in their lives.

Use the relationships to propel yourself and others forward. Every week share your wins however small or big and courageous leaps. Then really dig into helping each other move beyond fears and to commit to bigger leaps.

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