Every now and then I ask myself, who am I championing and assisting to win?
– Helen-Lukundo Chonjo

While at Drake University, the term “Collaboration is the new Innovation” was trending amongst the fellows. It started off as one of those phrases that just sound good. Then just like philosophies tell us “whatever we put or attention to grows”. So it stuck and it did more than stick, somehow all I have been doing since then was collaborating.

Because of this you can understand why the “Kipchoge” moment was very timely and big for me personally. It spoke to me. The collaboration that went on to ensure one person is championed on behalf of humanity to make that one difference that will impact all of us is remarkable. It’s a spirit most us millennials can only dream of.

After Kipchoge achieved his goal, it got people back home discussing his situation, in gatherings and online. Posts were flying around and almost all that I came across, had one message/question in common. They prompted us to look into our lives to see, like Kipchoge had, who our team is – who is running with you. Interesting how I never found, not one post, asking who we are championing.

Now I have explained why Kipchoge’s journey and win is big for me and when I came through Cathy’s post below, I was only compelled to share it. Let’s read through it and my closing remarks will bring everything into context.

This Marathon was more than just a race that saw Kipchoge break a record. This was a race that was run as a team with the vision that someone will succeed.
What a journey, what a sacrifice, what a remarkable plan. With rotating pacemakers around Kipchoge through the race so as to protect him against the wind, and with a pace car projecting laser beams onto the road surface so that the pacers knew exactly where they should be positioned at all time to ensure Kipchoge had every opportunity to succeed and break the record, there was nothing left to chance.
When we collaborate and share a vision, and plan ahead we can achieve so much more.
This is a story of triumph where so many were involved, and all could see that their personal contribution would create an opportunity that would see one individual succeed. Kipchoge has just shown the world that nothing is impossible and his fellow pacers were honoured to share in the journey.
Let’s take a leaf from their journey and look at ways that we can collaborate and work for good of the whole. Let’s all step up and lift just one person up along for the journey so that they too can do the same for someone else.
You can draw similarities between running a race to that of running a business. We all have goals, objectives and targets to meet. When we work alone, it makes the journey ahead challenging, but when we work as a team, collaborate and break things down, we most certainly lighten the load and the road ahead appears to be far more achievable.
We can protect one another from the wind and we can set each other up for success. How empowering that would be, to allow someone else to step up and be given the opportunity to shine and succeed in business.
Read more via https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/setting-things-up-success-cathy-dimarchos/

I am a serial social entrepreneur from Tanzania with a passion to support and serve others in journey to success. I was recently selected to be part of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) under the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program for 2019 on business track and attended Drake University. The experience was life changing. I returned back home with plans, knowledge and the most valuable of them all connections and collaborations.

Every now and then I ask myself, who am I championing and assisting to win? Before I thought being a leader is what Kipchoge was to the Ineos Challenge.  Now I know, leadership can be done in many ways and I believe service to be the most rewarding and impacting of them all.

Therefore, I urge you to lead differently by asking yourself who will you serve/ champion today. If you ask me, all of Kipchoge’s team members are leaders and this was a much bigger win for them. I say this because there would be no win without his diligent team members, each leading in their own space and roles towards the bigger picture.

The story of our world is bigger than any one of us. Your support is very much needed. Infact, it may be just what is needed to make the next break for humanity. Champion someone today.

6 thoughts on “COLLABORATION IS THE NEW INNOVATION – Lessons from the Kipchoge Journey

  1. Amazing article! Kipchoge’s win was an eye opening for all of us. Its incredible what team work with diligent people can do!


  2. Wow! What an eye opening concept. Being the champion of others in our Daily lives. I think that’s fantastic. Everyone needs a champion.


  3. That’s an interesting way to look at it.
    There are lots of lessons to learn from this Ineos challenge. Thanks for sharing your view.


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